Silver AA Charm Charm Bracelet

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Silver AA Charm Charm Bracelet

Your journey to recovery is a personal one, but you still share this experience with many others when you’re with AA. This Silver AA Charm Bracelet serves as both a beautiful piece of jewelry and a reminder of the unity you share with your fellow AA members, filling you with the hope you need to succeed on your path to sobriety.

Our Silver AA Charm Bracelet is perhaps one of the most unique designs in our collection. While many of our bracelets feature one AA charm, this is a bracelet composed entirely of AA symbol charms. The bracelet is delicate, simple and minimalistic. It will pair well with any outfit you are wearing, whether formal or informal.

As well as the AA symbol, you can see a small charm with the word "HOPE" engraved in small capital letters dangling from the end of the bracelet. The bracelet also features a small, hanging amethyst charm. Amethyst is well recognized for its calming presence, bringing clarity and peacefulness to the mind. Fitting with a chain with several links, you can adjust the size of this bracelet to fit your wrist.

  • Beautiful design with AA logos
  • Engraved plaque with “Hope” in darkened letters
  • Amethyst charm
  • Suitable for formal and informal attire

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