Courtney Friel's Fundraising Collection

We partner with non-profit and cause-based organizations to help tell stories and engage community. We will donate 100% of profits to our non-profit partner for every shirt that is purchased. Courtney's choice is to donate to Ryan Hampton's Voices Project.



Courtney Friel - Los Angeles Sober Advocate and KTLA News Anchor has designed all five shirts for this fundraiser! Courtney has a decade of sobriety under her belt and is happy to spread the word of recovery. 

"These are some funny sayings I have come up with over the years. I'm blessed to team up with Doing It Sober to help out "The Voices Project."

    Ryan Hampton - Over four years into recovery from a decade-long opioid addiction, Ryan Hampton has been rocketed to the center of America’s rising recovery advocacy movement. A former White House staffer, he has worked with multiple non-profits and political campaigns. He is now a prominent, leading face and voice of addiction recovery and is changing the national dialog about addiction. With content that reaches over 1 million people a week, Ryan is breaking down cultural barriers that have kept people suffering in silence and is inspiring a new generation of people recovering out loud through his Voices Project. He’s also advocating for solutions and holding public policy makers accountable.                                   

Mission statement:

 Our primary mission is to provide resources to communities affected by America's addiction crisis by inspiring civic engagement and participation. By giving voice to those impacted by the crisis - families, communities, and people in recovery from addiction - we can end this public health crisis. Our community is resilient. And our voices matter.
The Voices Project also distributes the anti-overdose medication naloxone, conducts community overdose response training's, and provides recovery support resources. 

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  100% of the proceeds will be donated! Thank you Ryan and Courtney!

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