24 Hour Special Edition Daily Reprieve-Sunlight of the Spirit-God Centered AA coin

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This Special Edition AA Token with "What we really have is a daily Reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our Spiritual condition" from page 85 of the Big Book it als highlights the essentials of "Willingness, Honesty and Open Mindedness". Sun on reverse with 12 rays representing the 12 steps which leads to a GOD center.

Our AA coin tells our story; When "beaten into a state of reasonableness" we could demonstrate just tiny a amount of the Willingness, Honesty and Open mindedness... we could make a decision to try to live and operate from a "God Center" and through these 12 Steps begin to "Walk in the Sunlight of the Spirit" where I experience and find the power to demonstrate "Unity, Service and Recovery" in direct relation to seeking daily to live "God Centered" continually seeking that warm spot in the "Sunlight of the Spirit", I can grow my Willingness...Honesty and Open Mindedness... and living more and more in the warmth of the Sun. Along with your own experience, we hope you will find this a very meaningful Recovery Coin.

Unlike other AA Coins the "Daily Reprieve" quote from page 85 is on reverse also "S.OS/God Center" reminding us to keep God at the center of Recovery and this central idea to this new life of recovery ....."there is One who has all power that One is God.", ..."does for us what we cannot do for ourselves"..."does not make too hard of terms", "........May you find him now" we think you have...... The "S.OS/God Center" AA Coin both celebrates and commemorates that!


Sun on reverse with 12 rays representing the 12 steps.

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